A building is not just a place to be but a way to be. - Frank Lloyd Wright

Trout Creek

Clean and Clever design set this home apart from its surroundings.

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Lower Debeck Rd - Naramata bench

A High efficiency home in wine country.

A blend of modern and traditional design with a sweeping lakeview captured by a large covered deck.  An 11.3 kw/hr solar array is utilized in conjunction with upgraded insulation and building envelope.  Interior finishes of white oak and VG douglas fir contribute to a completed home that pays homage to old craftsmanship and modern design. 

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We are red stag



Red Stag began as a small, craft-construction company in 2011, by Journeyman carpenter Andrew Spear. In 2016 Red Stag Contracting Ltd. came to the Okanagan with the vision of building high value, efficient homes in the community. Our focus is on craftsmanship at every level of construction and design. We pursue continued dedication to our clients and co-workers, creating a culture of excellence and reliability.

Leading the Way

Consider a "high efficiency, high performance" home.  Red Stag is proven in design and construction of homes that meet or exceed BC building step code level 4.  Join us in leading the way.

Why? Fair question.


Consider $1500.00 of yearly savings on energy bills, with a 25 year mortgage at 3% an additional $26,000.00 can be invested into building envelope, windows or site produced energy.  This can pay you dividends for decades over the life of the home.

 Typically a reduction of 300sqft is enough to recover the investment based on current local and regional construction costs.


Above all, comfort in your home.  Simplified Mechanical providing healthy fresh air. Faster and more accurate control over internal temperature and humidity levels. All spaces become comfortable, reducing the overall footprint needed in each room.


Current BC step code will change every 3 years on average to meet Net Zero goals by 2032.  A six year old code minimum built house could have very little competitive edge in future markets.  A high performance home built now will remain advantageous regardless of code minimum standards.

New home construction

We are proud members of the Canadian Home Builders Association and Travelers Home Warranty program. Together with proven trades and suppliers we handle all aspects of new construction.

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There is a great satisfaction in bringing e purpose and vision to an existing space or building. Major renovations can be more challenging than a new build, what better reason to hire a licensed builder.

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Our Principles

To encourage our employees, partners and clients to make sustainably minded decisions throughout the building process. To conserve energy and resources whenever possible,

No compromise on integrity of character in our relationships within the industry, extending into our personal lives. We believe in a "relationship first, business second" culture of honoring people.

Be accountable for our actions and our words. Deliver on what we promise, and be clear about what we can not.

Identify, record and implement new ideas in construction and project management.  Maintain progressive building science practices and advancements.