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Building with Confidence in the Okanagan: Merging Style and Durability with
Wildfire Resilience.

In 2023, the headlines were clear: 


“Worst Wildfire Season in BC’s History.”


“British Columbia Has Declared a State of Emergency…”


Everywhere you looked, there were reports of fires causing chaos. Depending on the day, it felt like all of BC was on fire. The Okanagan no longer felt like a safe bet for building a home.

Dramatic headlines sell papers and get clicks but only tell part of the story.

Yes, wildfires are a risk of living in British Columbia’s stunning interior.

But they aren’t stopping anyone. The Okanagan Valley still tops the list of the best places in Canada to retire.

Buyers and builders are shrugging off and rebuilding, and the regional real estate market is thriving.


And with the right materials and design, your home can be built to resist wildfires.

Adding a non-combustible roof gives your home a 70% chance of surviving a wildfire. And if you also manage the vegetation within a 10-metre radius of your home, following FireSmart recommendations, the survival rate for your home jumps to 90%. 

Knowing the risk of wildfires and keeping it in mind when building your home is the key to protecting your family (and a valuable asset) from harm.

That’s where we come in.

dramatic headlines
fire resilient homes

Fire-Resilient Homes by Design

We are committed to building homes that can help ensure your family’s safety, complement the environment and provide you with peace of mind. Our construction methods adhere to the latest industry and governmental wildfire protection standards–prioritizing safety without compromising aesthetics. 

We continuously engage with industry experts and dedicate time for our team to learn and grow, implementing the latest in wildfire protection. Every home we build exceeds recognized safety standards. We’re setting the benchmark in crafting wildfire-resilient homes.

We continuously engage with industry experts and dedicate time for our team to learn and grow, implementing the latest in wildfire protection. Every home we build exceeds recognized safety standards. We’re setting the benchmark in crafting wildfire-resilient homes.

Customized Safety Solutions for Each Home

Every home and plot of land is distinctive. Rather than offering one-size-fits-all solutions, we delve into the intricacies of your specific home plans and building location. Our approach ensures that your new home is more than fire-resistant—it’s a perfect blend of aesthetics and safeguarding.

Wildfire-Resilient Homes Win Every Time

Choosing a wildfire-resilient home crafted by Red Stag Contracting pays dividends. Here’s why:

Potential for Reduced Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies often recognize the protective measures incorporated in wildfire-resilient homes. You can potentially enjoy reduced insurance premiums, leading to substantial savings over the years.

Increased Longevity of your Home

Wildfire-resilient construction means using materials and techniques that not only withstand fires but also last longer and require less maintenance. This translates to fewer repairs and a home that stands the test of time.

Peace of Mind

Perhaps the most invaluable benefit is the peace of mind you’ll experience. Knowing that your home is built with the utmost care, expertise, and dedication to safety allows you to live without the constant worry during wildfire season

Environmentally Responsible

Building with wildfire resilience in mind often means using sustainable, durable materials with a lower environmental impact. This benefits you, the homeowner, and contributes positively to the environment.

Community Safety

A wildfire-resistant home helps protect your family and reduces the risk for the surrounding community. By slowing or preventing the spread of fire, your home can act as a buffer, safeguarding neighbouring properties and potentially saving lives.

Stress-Free Resale

Should you ever decide to move, selling your wildfire-resilient home can be smoother. Prospective buyers in fire-prone areas often prioritize homes with built-in protective features, making your property a top choice.

A wildfire-resilient home is more than a structure; it’s a philosophy. It speaks to a commitment to safety, sustainability, and forward-thinking — principles we hold dear.

Your Blueprint for Wildfire Defence​​​​​​​

Some of the ways we can make your new home exceptionally resilient:

Fire-Resistant Roofing: Using roofing materials that withstand high temperatures and resist ignition. This not only safeguards the home but can also prevent the spread of fire to nearby structures.

Ember-Resistant Vents: Wildfires often disperse embers that can travel great distances. Specially designed vents can help prevent these embers from entering the home, a critical line of defense in wildfire scenarios.

Durable Siding: We can use materials that drastically slow fire spread along the exterior, providing valuable time for emergency responses and minimizing potential damage

Strategic Use of Non-combustibles: Critical areas of your home, like decks and entryways, can be fortified using non-combustible materials, adding an extra layer of protection where it matters most.

Safe Storage Recommendations: We can help guide you on the nuances of safe storage, ensuring combustibles are kept in areas that reduce the risk of ignition.

Defensible Landscaping Suggestions: The area around the home is crucial in wildfire defence. We can recommend landscaping approaches that place greenery strategically and use fire-resistant plants, helping establish a protective buffer.

We can incorporate these strategies seamlessly into your designs to help reduce the risk of future wildfires. The result? A home in the breathtaking Okanagan that’s as resilient as it is beautiful.

Live in the heart of the Okanagan. Without compromise.

Your home should be more than just a statement of style. With Red Stag Contracting, it’s a statement of strength too. Your dream home–built to withstand the unexpected.

Your burning questions about wildfire-resistant homes, answered.

A wildfire-resilient home incorporates design features and materials that resist ignition from embers, flames, and radiant heat. This includes fire-resistant roofing, ember-resistant vents, durable siding, strategic landscaping, and more.

Many insurance companies offer reduced premiums for homes built with fire-resilient features, recognizing that they pose a lower risk. We recommend that you consult with your insurance provider for specifics.

No. Wildfire-resistant measures can be seamlessly integrated into various architectural styles. The goal is to ensure safety without compromising on design or beauty.

While some fire-resistant materials or designs might have higher initial costs, they can result in savings in the long term, especially in reduced maintenance, potential insurance discounts, and enhanced property value. And you can’t put a price on peace of mind.

Yes, many wildfire-resilient features and strategies can be applied to existing structures. This might include upgrading vents, roofing, or landscaping to improve fire resistance.

Recommended Resources for Further Reading

Taking steps to make your property wildfire-resistant will dramatically decrease the risk of wildfire damaging your home. Download this informative infographic from FireSmart BC for tips on maintaining your property. 

Additionally, you’ll find other helpful tools on the BC FireSmart website, such as landscaping tips and insights to drastically reduce your property’s risk of wildfire, including a list of fire-resistant plants.

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