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Vision Meets Craftsmanship

Every Project Should Be A Beautifully Tailored Architectural Masterpiece. We’re Committed To Redefining The Okanagan Building Standard

The process of building your new home in BC’s Okanagan Valley should be seamless, transparent, and full of clarity.

It can be daunting to select the right plot, make a wide variety of architectural decisions, and interpret challenging blueprints. 

Essential to your success is finding a contractor you can trust.

You need a building partner who addresses your concerns upfront. A partner whose expertise turns building complexities into clarity and makes your vision for your family’s home a top priority.

That is the building standard you should expect.

Redefining Standards.

Building a home is more than just erecting walls and setting foundations. It’s about creating a living space uniquely tailored to your family’s lifestyle, values, and aspirations.

Our approach intertwines progressive designs, sustainability, and unmatched craftsmanship. Each project is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to excellence – and your exceptional taste.

Every home, every design, every detail represents our promise to you: to deliver superior craftsmanship, unparalleled transparency, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

If you value clear communication, partners you can trust, and unmatched construction expertise, Red Stag Contracting is your builder.

The Okanagan Connection

The Okanagan Connection

The Okanagan Valley is a vibrant community with a rich culture, tight-knit relationships, and a unique lifestyle. Nature is best paired with modern amenities. 

Red Stag homes draw inspiration from the area’s natural elegance. Think large windows to capture the stunning views. Functional spaces for wine lovers. Outdoor living areas to make the most of the region’s pleasant climate. Millwork and artisanal finishes that mirror local craftsmanship. Open spaces that breathe in the mountain air.

We go beyond building houses here. We create homes that reflect the area’s beauty and the local spirit.


Leading the Charge in Home Innovation. Every Nail Driven, Every Beam Placed, Every Promise Fulfilled

Building Sustainably, Acting Responsibly

For Red Stag, sustainability is a commitment. Every team member, from the top down, is encouraged to make eco-conscious decisions throughout the building process. This means conserving energy and resources isn’t something we do as an afterthought—it’s integral to how we operate every day.

Relationships Over Transactions

Our integrity isn’t up for negotiation. This steadfastness extends beyond our professional engagements and into our personal lives. We’ve fostered a culture where relationships take precedence, believing firmly in a “relationship first, business second” philosophy. 

We Promise, We Deliver

We stand by our word. Transparency is critical in our communication, and we’re clear about what we can—and cannot—do. Our accountability isn’t restricted to project deadlines. It’s about being a reliable partner throughout our journey together.

Innovation in Every Endeavour 

We’re innovators. Constantly looking for the latest in construction and project management, we ensure that our methods are current and forward-thinking. Our dedication to maintaining progressive building practices means that we’re always ready to embrace the next industry advancement, ensuring your home is as future-proof as it is beautiful.

Local Roots, World-Class Builds

We’re not just building homes. We’re building the very fabric of the community we cherish.

Our deep ties to the community mean we prioritize local craftsmanship and materials. We’ve built strong relationships with local trades and artisans based on mutual trust and unparalleled skills. By actively sourcing local talent and resources, we champion our community’s best and invest in its growth and future.

This is more than business for us. It’s personal. After all, we’re neighbours, friends, and family, deeply committed to uplifting the place we call home. 

The Craftspeople Behind The Blueprints

Andrew Spear, Founder/Principal 

Starting as a Journeyman carpenter, Andrew Spear’s hands-on expertise became the foundation of Red Stag back in 2011. With a discerning eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Andrew transitioned Red Stag to the Okanagan in 2016.

His vision? To produce efficient homes that look stunning and stand the test of time. With craftsmanship deeply embedded in every phase of design and construction, Andrew ensures the firm stays true to its roots. His continued dedication to clients and his team has fostered a culture where excellence and reliability aren’t just goals—they’re the standard.

The ‘Heart’ of Red Stag Contracting

In the construction industry, it’s not uncommon to witness a revolving door of staff. Faces change as quickly as the seasons. But at Red Stag, things are different. New team members come–and they stay.

Meet the tenured (and deeply talented) team built on mutual respect, shared goals, and a collective passion for excellence in construction. 

Aaron Pidherny

Project Manager

Joel Jaques

Project Manager

Brett Warren

Millwork Manager/Joiner

Tim Ryan

Lead Hand Finish Carpenter/Joiner

Ryan Watt

Journeyman Finish Carpenter/Joiner

Joel Tremblay

Journeyman Carpenter/Apprentice Joiner

Chad Larsson

Site Superintendent

Devon Andrew

Site Superintendent

Dean Madsen

Lead Hand Carpenter

Cody Greiner

Journeyman Carpenter

Jim Gould


Connor Robinson

Apprentice Carpenter

Jackson Taylor

Apprentice Carpenter

Mat Zornes

Apprentice Carpenter

Bryson Selles

Journeyman Carpenter

Connor Robinson

Apprentice Carpenter

A Note on Sub-Contractors and Trades

Over the years, we’ve nurtured solid and enduring partnerships with local sub-contractors and trades. These relationships, built on trust and a shared commitment to quality, allow us to consistently deliver on our promises.

Just as we value every member of our internal team, we deeply appreciate the expertise and craftsmanship our external partners bring.

Join a Legacy of Exceptional Home Owners

With the Red Stag team by your side, you’re crafting an enduring testament to quality and style.

Let’s bring your home vision to life. It starts with a single phone call.

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