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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We Don’t Build ‘To Code’

Our Standards Are So Much Higher Than That.

Don’t get us wrong. Building codes are essential. They keep people safe and builders accountable.

But in the world of home construction, there’s a stark difference between what’s required and what’s ideal. ‘Building to code’ is just another way to say ‘we deliver the worst home you can legally build’. 

When you’ve settled for a house built to the bare minimum standard, you’re compromising comfort, energy efficiency, and long-term value.

Cold drafts and freezing hands in the winter. Your favorite rooms turned into uninhabitable, sweltering ovens in the summer months.

Every rising utility bill is a stark reminder that you’re paying for a home that can’t efficiently fend off the elements. And it’s only getting more expensive.

Fast forward a few years, and you decide to move. Potential buyers are cautious. They’re looking for modern, sustainable, efficient homes – and yours, built just to code, seems a relic of the past.

And it’s not just about you. Homes built just to scratch the surface of standards often have a colossal environmental footprint. They regularly use materials that ravage ecosystems or processes that amplify carbon emissions.

“Just Enough” Isn’t Enough

What if, instead of playing catch-up with evolving standards, you were always ahead of the curve?

Where every brick, beam, and bolt serves a purpose beyond the basic.

Where living is not just safe, but sustainable, comfortable, and forward-thinking.

Where your home isn’t just built to meet standard codes, but to redefine them.

Where you’re not just following the crowd. You’re leading it. 

We’ve built our own code. The Red Stag Contracting Code.

Or just ‘the best, most ethical way to do business’.

We merge cutting-edge, sustainable building methods with the natural beauty of the Okanagan landscape. Every home we craft not only resonates with the region’s unique charm but also offers the tangible benefits of eco-friendly living: enhanced energy efficiency, lasting durability, and reduced environmental impact.

When you choose us, you’re not only investing in a cutting-edge build. You’re getting a home that enriches your life, safeguards the environment, and ensures your legacy.

Making your home energy efficient isn’t just an option—it’s the smart choice for your wallet, comfort, and our planet’s future.

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Understanding the BC Step Code

Understanding the BC Step Code

The BC Energy Step Code is a voluntary provincial standard aiming to enhance building energy efficiency beyond the base BC Building Code requirements. It sets clear, performance-based energy standards, which builders can opt to follow. 

Each “step” in the Code signifies a distinct tier of energy efficiency. There are five steps in total, each more efficient than the last.  

For instance, Step 2 focuses on moderate energy improvements, aiming for buildings that are merely 10% more efficient than base-level standards. In contrast, Step 5 represents the epitome of energy efficiency, with homes consuming almost 80% less energy (or net-zero-ready) than those built to basic code.

Pioneering sustainability in homebuilding, Red Stag Contracting has long surpassed the industry’s evolving standards. While the current requirement has reached Step 3, we have been delivering homes at Steps 4 and 5 for several years,

British Columbia’s goal is to have new construction builds hit Step 5 by 2032. 

We’re a full decade ahead of the competition. 

And our commitment doesn’t end at the building. Red Stag, along with other conscientious local builders, is advocating and lobbying for even loftier standards in the industry.

Building for Tomorrow, Today

Choosing Red Stag is a decision that yields tangible, lasting benefits for homeowners. Our approach to green construction translates directly into advantages you can feel, see, and even measure.


Sustainable homes, constructed with superior materials and techniques, stand the test of time. This means less wear and tear, fewer repairs, and extended periods between maintenance tasks. In simple terms: your home stays newer for longer.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency isn’t just an environmental boon—it’s a pocket-friendly one. Red Stag builds significantly outperform conventional buildings when it comes to energy use. The result? Substantially reduced energy bills month after month, year after year.

Healthier Living Environment

The benefits of a sustainable home extend beyond the wallet and the environment—they touch the very air you breathe. With improved indoor air quality, abundant natural lighting, and a commitment to using non-toxic materials, we ensure the spaces you inhabit actively contribute to your family’s well-being.

Cost Savings

The financial perks of a Red Stag home don’t stop at energy bills. Many homeowners find themselves eligible for tax incentives or rebates thanks to the energy-efficient features of their homes. When combined with the reduced costs from fewer repairs and maintenance, the savings add up significantly.


It’s the little things: the consistent temperatures in every room, the absence of drafts on chilly nights, and the warm sunlight filtering in just right. Every nook and cranny of your home is designed to enhance livability, ensuring spaces that are as cozy as they are green.

Increased Home Value

The demand for energy-efficient, sustainable homes is on the rise. When the time comes to sell, a Red Stag-built home commands a premium, reflecting its superior build quality and green credentials.

A Red Stag home is a statement. A statement of quality, foresight, and a commitment to a better future—for our planet and for every person who calls our buildings ‘home’.

See a Red Stag Home Build in Action

Episode 4: Orchard View Building Science

The Build Show visited one of our construction sites, showcasing our environmental innovations and the heart behind our sustainable efforts. 

See for yourself the passion and precision that goes into every eco-conscious decision. From groundbreaking techniques to mindful materials. 

We invite you to watch this episode and journey with us into the future of sustainable building.

Our Greenprint: Pioneering Sustainable Building

Recognizing that the true essence of sustainability lies in both the ‘what’ and the ‘how’, we’ve refined our practices over the years to represent the very pinnacle of green construction.

Materials Sourcing

We don’t merely pick materials off the shelf. Our sourcing process emphasizes eco-friendly, sustainable options, with a strong preference for those available locally. This reduces transportation emissions and supports the regional economy.

Our longstanding partnerships with green suppliers further ensure that every material—be it wood, metal, or insulation—adheres to our stringent sustainability benchmarks.

Waste Reduction

Every construction project inevitably generates waste, but at Red Stag, we’ve turned this challenge into an opportunity. Through meticulous planning, we optimize our layouts to minimize off-cuts.

We prioritize reusing materials wherever feasible, transforming what might be seen as scrap in another’s eyes into integral, stunning components of our builds. And when waste is truly unavoidable, we recycle everything we can, keeping our sites cleaner and the environment greener.

Harmonizing with the Landscape

We view the land as a partner in our building process. Instead of altering the terrain drastically, we adopt a more considerate approach. 

We carefully design and position our builds to seamlessly blend into the existing environment. By minimizing the removal of trees and natural features, we ensure that each home sits harmoniously within its setting, preserving the beauty and integrity of the landscape.

Innovative Techniques

Traditional doesn’t always mean optimal. We’re continuously on the lookout for groundbreaking, energy-efficient construction methods and technologies. 

By integrating these innovations into our work, we offer homes that are future-ready, setting them apart from the majority of structures built using conventional methods.

When you choose Red Stag, you’re choosing a home that’s built with purpose, passion, and a profound respect for our planet.

Let’s build a home that’s as forward-thinking as you are.

Your cutting-edge, energy-efficient home starts with a simple conversation.

Yes, you can afford to build sustainably. And other questions answered.

While the initial costs of sustainable construction can sometimes be higher, viewing this as a long-term investment is crucial. Over time, the energy savings, reduced maintenance costs, and potential tax incentives can more than offset the upfront costs, making it cost-effective in the long run. Moreover, as demand for green materials and technologies has grown, prices have become even more competitive

Absolutely! Sustainable construction often employs advanced technologies and high-quality materials designed to withstand various environmental conditions. As a result, many green homes are not only as durable but, in some cases, even more resilient than traditional homes.

Green homes are designed with energy efficiency at their core. With features like enhanced insulation, efficient HVAC systems, and solar panel integrations, sustainable homes can significantly reduce energy consumption compared to standard homes. This decreases your carbon footprint and  results in substantial savings on utility bills.

Not at all! Sustainable construction has come a long way and offers a wide range of design options. Whether you’re aiming for a modern aesthetic or a more traditional look, sustainable construction can accommodate your design preferences while integrating eco-friendly features seamlessly.

Sustainable construction places a high emphasis on indoor environmental quality. Green homes often incorporate ventilation systems that filter and introduce fresh air, reducing indoor pollutants. Moreover, the use of non-toxic paints, finishes, and materials ensures fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs), resulting in cleaner, healthier indoor air for your family.

On the contrary, sustainable homes are often designed with durability and low maintenance in mind. The use of high-quality, long-lasting materials means fewer repairs and replacements over time. Plus, energy-efficient systems and technologies are designed for longevity, reducing the need for frequent upkeep.

Yes, sustainable construction is adaptable to various environments and climates. The beauty of green building is its ability to tailor designs to the specificities of a location, ensuring that the home is energy-efficient, comfortable, and resilient no matter where it’s built.*

Definitely! We believe in crafting homes that resonate with our clients’ unique preferences. Sustainable construction doesn’t mean sacrificing customization. Instead, it provides an opportunity to merge personalized design elements with environmentally-friendly practices.

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